Interesting Things To Know About Glass Architecture!!

Glass Architecture

Architecture, the art of designing buildings, has always contributed to the development of cities. Architects have always come up with innovative ideas to design buildings among which Glass art in Architecture is considered to be one of the most beautiful creations!

Which was the first Glass structure designed?

The Crystal Palace in London was the first large-scale glass structure designed for people specifically by Joseph Paxton, a Chief gardener. He adopted cooling methods such as shading, natural ventilation, and so on to prevent heat from the sun as the building was a glasshouse.

Glass structure

Combination of two kinds of art? – ARCHITECTURE AND GLASS ART!

Architectural glass is a glass which is a transparent, glazing material used in buildings as windows and also as an internal partition which is an architectural feature too.

How come glasses are used in Architecture despite their fragile behavior?

Glass is used widely in commercial industries because of its pros!
Let’s look at some of them:


● Glass can absorb light since it is a refractive material.
● Using Glass in constructing buildings gives a different and spectacular look to the structure internally as well as externally.
● It provides more space where the interiors appear larger.
● Glass doesn’t rust and isn’t affected by weather at all.
● Most importantly, glass is recyclable and is eco-friendly too!

Everything on this earth has its pros and cons, so does the glass.


● Glass is a fragile substance and is easily breakable.
● Glass isn’t preferred in earthquake-prone areas.
● Glass is a bit expensive and it increases with its features and benefits.
● Glass is a refractive material that absorbs heat and acts as a greenhouse which isn’t suitable during hot climates.

Presenting you the world’s best Glass art and Architecture pieces!!

Glass art and Architecture

1. W HOTEL in Barcelona:
A fabulous glass building which is usually called a ‘Sail Hotel’ because it resembles a ship’s sail, is a 5-star hotel containing 473 rooms and 57 suites!

2. Evolution Tower in Moscow:
A splendid glass skyscraper in the form of a DNA structure which is a 55 storied office building!

3. The National Centre for performing arts in Beijing:
Known as ‘The Giant Egg’, the glass building looks like an egg, and is one of the most impressive buildings in Asia!

4. The Louvre Pyramid in Paris:
A four-sided triangular glass structure which is a famous art gallery in Paris is a stunning beauty!

5. The Basque Health Department Headquarters in Bilbao:
An uneven glass building that looks perfectly imperfect and is a must-visit!

There are a lot more unique glass buildings in the world but these always top the list!

Just like technology develops, human creativity and intelligence towards making art also develops.
Put your heart inside the art and that’s when you can create wonders in this world!

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