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Glass Art

When people can make art on rock and stones, this is a unique attempt to make art on glass. Glass Art is the artwork created on the glass wholly or partially. It takes an immense amount of concentration to make the art on the glass, as the glass should be handled with a lot of care.

The sculptures made on glass are magnificent and stunning. It takes

There are many glass art like hot glass, warm glass, cold glass, etched glass, flameworking, etc.

Hot Glass

Hot Glass

Hot Glass refers to blown glass, and the technique is called Glassblowing.

The glass heated at the temperature of 1000° F and above! Glassblowing is quite expensive to pursue as a hobby, as glass is costly.

Creating the structure :


Start by heating the tip of the pipe, which looks like a long metal straw in a furnace at 1100 to 1200 degrees Faranite. The melted glass will stick only to the hot metal. When the tip is reddish, it’s hot enough to proceed.


Then dip the hot end into the melted glass and keep spinning it until some glass is stuck to it. But, of course, we can’t gather too much glass, or it’ll start to drip.


With a bit of glass from the furnace, remove the tip and create a bubble by blowing it from the other end. Let the glass cool for 5 to 10 seconds, and then gather some more glass and blow again so that the bubble gets more extensive. Do the same thing few times until the amount of glass is needed.


When we get the required amount of glass, we can shape the glass into the object or structure we want.


We can Color it in two forms. They are frit and solid bars.


Sprinkles of color is Frit. Roll the glass in frit in the color we want. Continue to work with the glass until the frit melts into a mottled effect. This is how we can add color to the object.

Solid Bar

Solid Bar

In the solid bar process, We can either put the tip before gathering the glass or after collecting it in a solid bar. It is based on our comfortability. Then the bar melts into the glass when we start spinning it and heat it, coloring all of the glass.

This is just one way of making glass. There are different ways to make different types of glasses.

Wear safety glasses, closed-toe shoes, and cotton clothing while making the glass art, as it is hazardous. In addition, wear a Kevlar sleeve to protect the forearm.

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