Glass Fashion: When The Fragile World Met The Fashion World!

Glass Fashion

Fashion has been an influential art that attracts people to follow a particular style that is trending. One can agree that fashion is one of the versatile forms of art which always focuses on uniqueness and freshness.
Glass Fashion is one of the best examples to prove so!


The Glass Age in Fashion Industry?!

The initial outcomes of glass art include beads and other forms of jewelry.
Later, most of the fashion influencers believed that it’s good to experiment and it’s challenging to wear something which isn’t a wearable material. That’s when the concept of Glass Fashion became popular!

Some of the Awestruck moments in GLASS FASHION SHOWS!

● In 2016, Iris Van Herpen, a girl from Paris well known for experimenting with modern techniques, took part in a fashion show called Fall 2016 couture collection. She portrayed herself uniquely with a white dress that was made of hundreds of weightless hand-blown glass bubbles!
● In July 2017, Laura Donefer wore a Mosaic Glass Dress for the fashion show in Murano for the Glass Art Society Conference!

Glass in Jewelry:

Dichroic glass: A glass with two different colors that display each of them based on lighting conditions. It can be used as a pendant in a chain which looks splendid if one wears it.
● Thewa: A special art of making jewelry that involves intricately worked-out 23-carat gold being fused on molten glass.
● Glass is extensively used in most of the other ornaments like necklaces, bracelets, chokers, bangles, rings, etc.
No matter how much the glass contributes to the making of jewelry, it makes the ornaments look realistic and beautiful!

Glass shoes

Glass shoes: Fairytale to footwear fashion!

Fairy tales are always special and nostalgic! One among them is the fairytale of Cinderella and her fascinating shoes!
To commemorate the “Diamond release” of the 1950 classic Cinderella, Walt Disney Company approached the manager of a musical company, Christian Louboutin, to create a glass slipper that is wearable. The outcome of his work turned out to be beautiful and stunning! Vogue claims that the show was bulletproof too.
In recent times, Cinderella shoes were one of those perfectly impractical trends started by Amina Muaddi, a footwear designer. Even during the lockdown in 2020, it was the trendsetter in footwear fashion!

We’ve always come across experimental and tremendous fashion trends which were inspiring and innovative. They’ve proved the same by using a fragile material in the fashion world!

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