Glass Sculpture

Glass Sculpture

Back in those days, people used sculptures to capture moments!
The sculpture is a branch of the visual arts which includes carving, and modeling.

History of Art Glass!

The earliest glass works were vessels. Although some historians believe that the glass objects were originated in Egypt, glass was termed as an artistic expression when it was traced in Mesopotamia. Eventually, people used many techniques such as casting, molding to obtain stunning outcomes like vases, glass panels and, sculptures.

Let’s get to know about famous sculptors in the world!

● Jack Storms, an American sculptor used cold glass sculpting techniques in his works. Spectrum cube and Teardrop sculptures were his creations that were used in the movie “Guardians of Galaxy”!
● Dale Chihuly, an American sculptor who creates beautiful artworks, and it is also said that the glass doesn’t look like glass if it’s with him!
● Harvey Littleton is often referred to as “Father of the Studio glass movement” as he is one of the founders of the Studio Glass Movement!

What are Art Glass Paperweights?

Art Glass Paperweights are miniatures that come under the concept of sculpture, which is used to place on top of papers so that it doesn’t get blown away due to breeze or wind. Millefiori, Lampwork, and sulfide are the most commonly used Glass Paperweights.

Is it possible to carve on a glass?

glass painting

Carving on glass is nothing but the engraving on glass or etching of glass. Glass Etching was started in the 15th century where the artists scratched directly on hand-blown glass. Dremel 3000 is a hand tool that is preferred during engraving. The best glass to carve on would be the cheapest glass in the market since there’d be no metal present in it and marks very well too. Though engraving requires a lot of skills and techniques, it’d be really fun and interesting to learn it!

Glass Panels: Completes the home!

Glass panels also called muntins can be found indoors of the home windows and furniture. The artists try to include techniques like carving, frosting, enameling, and gliding. There are many modern innovations where the glass is used as lighting at homes which looks fantastic!

Glass Paintings are fun!

Glass paintings were developed in the 9th century by germans but reached a high peak in the 17th century. These paintings are contemporary, old-style art which is nothing but combining colored glass pieces or coloring glass pieces. Painting on wall hangings, windows, wine glasses, cups, mugs has a chance of bringing out amazing artworks.

Even Art cannot stop anyone of us if we are determined and passionate about it!
Isn’t that the reason why we’ve come along so far?
In the end, Dedication and Interest are all that it takes!

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