All That You Need To Know About Glass Art And Its Types!

Glass Art

Art is a never-ending loop that consists of creativity!

What exactly is Glass Art?

People started to portray art in every possible material, which resulted in beautiful and aesthetic works.
Glass Art is one among them too!
As the word itself denotes, Glass Art refers to specific artworks where glass is used partially or entirely. Though glass is a fragile substance and needs to be handled carefully, glass art fascinates people and has increased demand.

When was glass used in the form of art?

It is said that the Europeans are the first ones to use glass in the form of art. First, they used glass in preparing vessels. Later, around 2700 BC, Egyptians introduced colored glass beads, which were accidentally produced as the by-products of metal making called slag!

Types of glass used in handmade Glass Art that can blow one’s mind!

Almost all the versatile Glass Art falls under three main categories of glass. They’re:

Hot Glass

1. Hot Glass:

Hot Glass refers to blown glass, and the technique is called Glassblowing.
The glass is made to work to get the desired outcome at the temperature of 1000° F and above!
Glassblowing is quite expensive to pursue as a hobby, and of course, glass is quite costly.
Glass blowing is risky, too, because the glass blowers might end up with respiratory problems.
Some of the applications are casting the molds, preparing sculptures, vases, blown bowls, and many other beautiful artworks.

2. Warm Glass:

Warm Glass is involved in glass art where the glass is heated in an oven or a kiln.
The kiln is a thermally insulated chamber and a kind of oven where the glass would be heated at about 1300 to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit!
Slumped glass, Kiln glass, fused glass are standard terms used for glass art made using a kiln.
Slumping is a technique where the glass bends or moves along with gravity due to the hot temperature.
Fused glass is formed when pieces of glass melt together and the temperature is hot enough.
The kiln is absolutely a necessity in the process because it prevents the breakage of glass while cooling.

3. Cold Glass:

Cold Glass involves a process of glass art where there’s no initiation of heat.
With the help of Cold Glass techniques, glass artists laminate two or more glass pieces together.
This process is also used to change the shape and texture of the glass, including various techniques like carving, grinding, engraving, polishing, sandblasting, and many more.

Neither Art dies nor does the innovative techniques. Glass Art fascinates people no matter how tiny or a colossal work it is!

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