Lindsay Art Glass - David Lindsay blowing glass Lindsay Art Glass - Urn David L. Lindsay : is a self-taught glass artist. Born and raised in Vallejo, California, he graduated from St. Patrick High School in 1975. A few months later, he became an apprentice at Nourot Glass Studio in 1976. Over the following six years, David advanced from apprentice to assistant glass blower to gaffer. David became proficient in all aspects of the glass production process from mixing batch to monitoring the melting process to blowing pieces to grinding pieces during the years as an employee of Nourot Glass Studio. In 1982, David became a partner of Nourot Glass Studio. David was a partner in Nourot Glass Studio from January 1, 1982 to December 31, 1997. In 1998, David and his wife, Ann, started Lindsay Art Glass.

David's unique designs have an artistry that leaves the realm of realism and explores the abstract. Employing the technique of compound layering, David often incorporates gold and/or silver into his multi-faceted "Beehive" paperweights. His "Egyptian" vases and "Pharoah's Hat" sculpture take the compound layering technique to new artistic height.

Besides paperweights and sculpture, David created the "Sarah" line of vases, perfume bottles and bowls. This line was inspired by watching an Italian glass artist, Lino Tagliapietra . The "Sarah" line features vases, perfume bottles and bowls on hand-blown feet. The exquisite beauty and simplicity of these pieces reflect the difficult artistic and technical skills necessary to produce them. The Sarah Vase was nominated for the 1996 Niche Award.

David has created a number of pieces for churches. Through this work, he was honored by Modern Liturgy magazine with an Honorable Mention in the 1997-1998 Visual Arts Awards, Seasonal and Occasional Category for his communion set.

David continues to create new designs. Creating not only jewels for the home but also jewels for the office, David creates awards out of paperweights and sculpture. He enjoys bringing glass into the lives of corporations, collectors and others through silica, fire and heat. David's Curved-Stem Goblets were nominated for the 2001 Niche Award.

In 1997, David was nominated by his fellow glass artists to serve as a juror for the American Crafts Council . In the summer of 1998, David attended the world famous Pilchuck Glass School , and in the summer of 1999 he attended Haystack School of Mountain Crafts.

Lindsay Art Glass - Vase When not creating glass, David enjoys golf and being with his family. He is an active member of Benicia Golf Association, and served on the Board of Directors for the BGA for three years. David is a member of the Glass Art Society , Bay Area Studio Art Glass , Arts Benicia , Paperweight Collectors Association , Chamber of Commerce, Old Town Merchants Association and American Crafts Council.

Ann L. Lindsay graduated from the Madeira School in 1982. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business with a core curriculum in Financial Management and a Certificate in Accounting from JFK University , School of Management , in December 1996. Ann graduated with honors from JFK.

With over 28 years of experience in human resources, Ann is considered an expert in Federal Retirement Benefits. She began her career as assistant personnel manager for Woodward & Lothrop Department Store in Alexandria , Virginia in September 1983. Entering Federal service in 1985, she worked her way up from personnel clerk to Personnel Assistant to Employee and Labor Relations Assistant for Department of Army. She transferred to the Office of Personnel Management in Washington , DC in 1988 and advanced from a Retirement Claims Examiner to Retirement Benefits Specialist. She worked her way up the career ladder, and became a senior level Benefits Specialist coaching and reviewing the work of other specialists. Entering the training arena in 1992, she designed, developed and instructed curriculum to internal OPM employees and human resources specialists from other Federal agencies on a nationwide basis.

Ann resigned from her position at OPM in 1994 after getting married to glass artist David Lindsay and moving to California . She started her own consulting business, and instructed many of the same classes that she had instructed previously for OPM as a consultant. She contracted directly with federal agencies as well as through Graduate School USDA in San Francisco . Between 1995 and 1996, Ann worked on a special project for the IRS in Oakland for 10 months. During this time she set up, managed and operated a retirement counseling program for 5900 employees. Concurrently, she returned to college to finish her bachelor's degree.

From 1996 to 1997, Ann was the Office Manager, bookkeeper and Human Resources Director for California Mozzarella Fresca, a local cheese company. From November 1997 to October 2005, Ann was as the Regional Retirement and Benefits Officer for the US Department of Labor in San Francisco . She provided retirement and benefits services to 1500 employees scattered throughout the eight western states in addition to managing the benefits program.

Lindsay Art Glass - David and Ann Lindsay Since October 2005, Ann has been a 100% teleworker assigned to the US Department of Labor Human Resources Center's Office of WorkLife, Leave and Benefits Policy and Programs. Ann has designed and developed a 3-tiered financial and retirement planning curriculum for Department of Labor and is beginning to roll it out nationwide with the goal of providing the same information to all DOL employees regardless of where they are located to enable them to make the best decisions. In October 2010, Ann became the Benefits Officer for the Department of Labor, and has oversight responsibility for retirement, benefits and financial education for all DOL employees.

Ann and her husband David started their own business in February 1998. Lindsay Art Glass keeps Ann working a second full time job as the business manager/owner of this glass blowing studio and gallery. In the evenings and weekends, Ann does all of the accounting, human resources, business planning, gallery management, inventory management and marketing. She manages all 7 employees and designs all of the displays in the gallery and at trade shows. She designs and produces all marketing materials including wholesale catalogs, advertisements, postcards, newsletters and more. Ann works in collaboration with her husband, who designs and creates blown glass vessels. Ann is very proud of their business and products, and is fortunate to have Angela Fortain to manage the day-to-day sales of the business.

Ann is a board member of Benicia 's Economic Development Board; and she enjoys hiking and golf when time allows. She is a member of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Associaiton (NARFE), Benicia Chamber of Commerce, Association of Clay and Glass Artists and Arts Benicia.

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